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As a church body, we are passionate for people and our relationship with Jesus. We want you to make yourself at home and feel that you belong here at Resurrection Church. We believe these three pillars to be true when it comes to our faith.

Welcome Home.

Loving God.

Loving Ourselves.

Loving Others.

Gather. Group. Serve.

Gathering as a community and church to connect with each other through God, Christ and the Holy Spirit. Ultimately serving our community, neighbors and each other so that we all move forward as disciples of Christ.

Lead Pastor

Resurrection Church was birthed out of an idea through a calling and through good works within the United Methodist Church. We are so blessed to be able to have Mike Randle serve as our Lead Pastor here in Springfield, Missouri. Pastor Mike became a church planter along with his wife, Heather Randle, who serves as the Director of Connections at Resurrection Church. They believe in this community to grow, to serve, and to gather. Along with their family, they are all for building the kingdom of God even further and equipping the next generation.

Authentic Belonging

We make a place that “You’re Home” here no matter what.

Authentic Belief

We strive to grow together in the Word of God as we recognize Jesus’ sacrifices.

Authentic Prayer

We commit to a regular active prayer life believing in the power of prayer in our lives.

Authentic Active Participation

We demonstrate our beliefs through giving and actively serving our neighbors, community and world.

Authentic Grace

We show love and compassion through accepting ourselves and our neighbors knowing we are all imperfect people.

Our Core Values

Your generosity brings the Gospel to Springfield and propels the mission at Resurrection Church. In this, we believe we are a helping hand in growing the Kingdom of God further.

Your Generosity is Appreciated.

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